Having helped over 100 Magento clients grow their organic search performance we have a strong understanding of what success looks like and how we can assist you in getting there!

If you're thinking about using Magento we’re experts in helping you determine if it’s the right eCommerce platform for you and help your business reach its organic search potential.

The Magento eCommerce platform is perfectly suited for our total market approach allowing us the flexibility to build logical URLs, develop menu, category and attribute product sort hierarchies and make use of facets & meta signals.

Our results - Average across out Magento clients

Magento Results

*2019 average project performance from 200+ projects

Implement our proven 3 stage buyer centric methodology and custom built proprietary technology which has been created specifically for eCommerce businesses to harness the SEO capabilities of Magento.

Magento helps our total market approach to organic search

Flexible & logical
URL structure

Menu vs. Hierarchy

Customised meta

filter pages

Crawl budget
optimisation via

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